You’re probably here because you, realized how INCREDIBLY HARD it is to sell intangible things like coaching, courses, and digital products without...

Strategic, professional sales page mockups that emotionally charge your offers and dramatically increase your likelihood of selling them

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The landscape of the knowledge
industry is evolving rapidly.
Everyone is stepping up their game...

Those generic Canva mockups? They're not cutting it anymore. 
We need top-tier mockups, especially at pivotal points in the sales funnel:


Stand Out &
Drive More Traffic

Images speak volumes, and we process them 6000 times quicker than text. An amazing mockup stands out on timelines, catching eyes and driving clicks.

The result? More visitors to your sales page

Consideration Stage

Become a
viable option

How you showcase your offer can make or break its appeal.

If the mockup seems bland, what does it hint about the content within your program or product? Reflect on your own purchase decisions, and the importance of a high-quality mockup becomes clear: it can make your offer the go-to choice.


More Trust =
More Conversions

Stanford's research emphasizes the power of great design in fostering trust. And guess what? Trust boosts conversions. Of course there are many factors that influence how likely your offer is to sell and at the same time a professional, desirable mockup can significantly lower the perceived risk and increase conversions.

The better you present your offer,
the higher the perceived value.

Visualize Value

in your ads, social media posts and all the way throughout your sales page.

Our sales scenes are reverse-engineered from the visuals on our top-performing sales pages—pages that consistently convert at 11% with cold traffic from Facebook ads.

They're designed to let you break down and showcase the real value of your digital product, course, coaching program, or membership.

These scenes guide you, offering ideas on what to highlight and the best ways to do it.

With strong visuals, we increase the perceived value of your offer. 

By providing a sneak peek inside, we also decrease the perceived risk and give your potential buyers a sense of ownership. 

These are key psychological triggers that not only help draw customers closer to a sale but also ensure they understand what they’re signing up for—leading to fewer refunds.

Your offer deserves a presentation that's as complete and compelling as the solution you're selling.

With these sales scenes and our quick-fire training, you're equipped to give just that—a worthy showcase that reflects the quality of your offer.

Now do you have to be or pay a designer to transform your mockups like this?


Mock Ups

6 Impressive Above-The-Fold Scenes With Mega Mockups

Infographic Scenes

7 Infographic Scenes To Fully Showcase The Features & Benefits Of Your Offer

Tangible Deliverables

 12 Tangible Deliverable Presentation Scenes To Ensure All The Resources Get Seen

Offer Stack

3 Offer Stack Scenes To Visually Summarize The Value Inside Your Offer

Team Feature Templates

3 Team Feature Templates To Highlight Who Is Supporting Your Students

Module Showcase

9 Module Showcase Scenes To Highlight The Transformation Path Of Your Offer

Custom Icons

12 Icon Pack To Visually Highlight Important Parts and Information On Your Sales Page

Over the shoulder rapid fire Tutorial & Training

Follow this quick and ultra-practical guide to master the free version of Canva for all your scenes. You'll Get:


Mock Ups

The must-dos and no-nos for using these templates so you get the best results and look professional.


From Mock Up to Ads

How to repurpose your Canva designs for Social Media promo posts and ads, based on our winning ads, launches & promotions that took a coaching business to Multiple 7-figures with low-ticket Coaching and digital product offers.


Sales Page Secrets

Jessa's Top 10 Sales Page Design Hacks
(Like how this page looks? She made it!)

Who created the sales scene solution?

Hi there,
We are Evelyn Weiss and Jessa Bellman - coach and student turned friends and business partners. 

Evelyn studied marketing and has 13 years of digital marketing and online advertising experience. She used to be an agency owner until she started her coaching business in 2020 and hit the ground running, turning it into a multiple 7-figure low-ticket Coach Growth Company within the next 3 years.

Jessa has 13 years of design experience. She used to have an agency and started to venture into the online world by selling digital products on Etsy. She already accumulated over 150,000 sales across her 18 Etsy stores when she met Evelyn, joined her Coaching Membership Method Program, and built her 3 memberships from 0 to 4,000 members in the first year after joining.

Now, we are both dedicated to overdelivering to our combined over 10,000 paying monthly members by bringing together our unique, complementary skills of design and marketing for coaches, course creators and digital product sellers.

We did the same for this solution.

It’s born from our real-life experience with ads and sales page creation and observing what people struggle with when it comes to execution.

We hope that our creations make your life easier and accelerate your success.

There’s nothing more fulfilling to us than knowing we’ve contributed to someone's journey in a meaningful way.

Included for $7 you will get

Sales Scenes Template Bundle

  • ​6 High-Impact Fold Scenes
  • 7 ​Infographic Scenes for Features & Benefits
  • ​9 Module Spotlight Scenes
  • ​12 Must-See Deliverable Scenes
  • ​3 Value-Summing Offer Stack Scenes
  • ​3 Team Intro Templates
  • ​12 Key Info Icons

Rapid Fire Quick Training

  • BONUS: Key Do's & Don'ts to look pro when using the free version of Canva to customize the templates.
  • BONUS: Repurpose your sales scene designs for scroll-stopping, desire-spaking posts & ads.
  • BONUS: Jessa's Top 10 Design Hacks for a sales page. She made this page look so pretty and shows you small changes, that make a big difference.
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